Thursday, September 9, 2010

Day 178

A Note from Sarah:
Today was a rough day. It started well enough with singing happily in my shower and examining my head because hair has started to grow back but somehow the enemy can ruin a good day. Sherri picked me up this afternoon to do some shopping. I know you are thinking how can a day of shopping end up bad? Well it wasn’t the fun kind of shopping; it was the pre-surgery yucky kind of shopping. Sherri kept my mind off of what we were really doing with some errands of her own and fun girl talk and I so appreciate her because I was already on edge when I first said hello to her. Our first stop was to Mary Catherine’s, this shop is a whole store dedicated to women who have dealt with all steps of breast cancer. When I walked in the doors the memories of when my mom had to walk through these very same doors flooded my mind and I had to close my eyes and ask God for the strength to take another step. As always God did give me the strength to move forward and off I went into a fitting room with items I never ever wanted to try on. Sherri’s gentle smile gave me comfort and her motherly instincts took over and when I was asked a question and my mind went numb Sherri was there answering for me, just like my own mother would do. We got all our ordering done and we checked it off our list. Mary Catherine’s is a wonderful little shop that I wish no one ever had to visit. Our next stop was the pharmacy for post surgery supplies. This was a little bit easier because I just gave the list to the pharmacist and he dropped everything I needed into my basket. Carrying the bag to the car just put a knot in the pit of my stomach because I know how soon I will be having to use all this gauze, tape and creams. I know one of the hardest things in my life is coming up and I feel like I’m falling…you know like in Alice in Wonderland? I feel like I’m gaining momentum as I fall and I have a feeling the bottom isn’t lined with fluffy feathers but what is waiting for me at the bottom is 12 inch thick concrete.

Thank you Sherri for making a hard day a little easier with your warm smile and encouragement. You are truly a gift to me and I love you.

The only things that got me through today were a good friend like Sherri, a wonderful massage, comfy pajamas and the knowledge that God has more for my life than pain and hardship.

I love each one of you who are following my journey. This blog is helping me stay connected with the world and as I release all my emotions on to these pages I feel comforted that you are rooting me on and keeping me close to your hearts in prayer.

Love Always,


Anonymous said...

Hi Sarah,

I wanted to just say 'hi' and let you know that I think about you often and check in on your blog when I can. Your strength amazes me. The support you have amazes me. You will be in my thoughts in the weeks to come. All my best,

Sarah Sullivan

Anonymous said...

Sarah, I'm so very grateful for Sherri and your huge support system. Sending you virtual auntie Lynda hugs as you run around and get things done. Love you xoxo

Anonymous said...

Sarah, You are such an inspriration and it is so normal to have the "fears" you do. You have been in my prayers since your diagnosis and will continue to be through to recovery. Lord Bless You!

Chellie Dee said...

Sarah, I am praying for you, Kirk and your family as you face this surgery. You are so incredibly strong and I know that God will bless this difficult journey in ways that we can never truly understand!

Heather Mayer said...

Sarah, I am so happy to have been able to spend some time with you and your husband today and that I had the opportunity to take some pictures of you and also of you both together. I feel so blessed to be able to share something that I do with you and also that you wanted a picture with me....You are a beautiful, special person. Thank you for showing me even more today how strong and amazing one person can be! HUGS

Karena said...

I ran across your blog today from facebook. I was so lifted by your words & strength, I will def be following your blog to witness your recovery. You & your husband are in my prayers. Love from Alaska <3