Saturday, September 18, 2010

Day 187

It is getting harder and harder to keep Sarah still. She loves to do things around the house and not being able to for multiple days starts to make her a little stir crazy. Some of the medication she is taking makes her eyes a little blurry so when she wants to walk around the house I get nervous that she might fall. However, she needs to get up and walk some to help her recover more quickly. Right now not much has changed in how she is feeling but we are just trying to keep a handle on her pain levels. Sarah’s appetite really hasn’t come back but she is trying to eat as much as her stomach allows. Overall Sarah is doing Ok but she is having kind of a lot of pain. Please pray that in the few days to come her pain will start subsiding and she will be able to be more comfortable.

Thanks for all your prayers!


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Heather Mayer said...

Praying and hoping the pain will ease up quickly!!