Saturday, September 25, 2010

Day 194

A Note from Sarah: 
Yesterday, I had an appointment with my plastic surgeon Dr. Mathes. He told me that I was healing up very nicely and that I was right on schedule for the next part of his treatment; the expansion process. This upcoming Friday I have another appointment with him to start filling my expanders. The amount of expansion depends on how I am healing and what my skin will allow.

When I was going through chemo I always pressed through not letting it hold me down, make me depressed, or stop me from seeing people. At first, I took the same approach with my surgery. I didn’t want it to keep me down either. Surgery though, I have come to realize is much different than chemo. With chemo the more you get out of bed, the better you’ll feel and more strength you’ll have in the long run. However, with surgery the more I do, the more I pay for it later. It is important for me to be up and out of bed some, but I need to make sure that I still take it easy; which, much to my husband’s dismay, I have not been. Kirk has officially put me in the time-out corner. He has gotten after me too many times about how much I can lift and how high I can put my arms up. Unfortunately, I keep ignoring him and now he can say, “I told you so.” I have done one too many things today and now my body is screaming STOP! As I write to you I am in bed with pillows under, over, and across every part of my body and my arms and chest hurt like mad.

Please keep Kirk and me in your prayers as it is very difficult because I struggle to go…go…go while Kirk is always worrying that I’ll overdo it and pay for it. Thanks to all of you who have brought dinners and flowers over. Your thoughtfulness in my time of need means the world to Kirk and me.

Love Always,


Heather Mayer said...

So glad to hear from you on here, I understand the GO GO GO, but it is important to let your body heal and not make the process longer in healing by trying to do to much to soon!! I am glad to hear that your getting plenty of help and pretty flowers to look at while you rest! I am working on getting more of your photos edited and will have them to you soon! Take care Sarah and you will continue to be in my prayers as you have been already!


Anonymous said...

Sweet Sarah, I was so surprised to see you and Kirk tonight! You are definitely a true testament to the power of prayer. You radiate beauty inside and out. Listen to Kirk and rest:)! You two are a very beautiful couple! Take good care and I send you lots of prayer, love and hugs! Dawnn

Christy said...

Yes, listen to your Husband!
And I still have someone waiting to deliver a meal to you guys...just email me some info and I will have her bring you some delicious food!

Take care of yourself Sarah!!!!