Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Day 149

This morning I met with Kristi O’Harran from The Herald for an interview. It was set up by you know who…Sherri Pribble-Jones A.K.A. my own personal PR representative. Sherri has been chasing the newspapers, radio and TV news channels to get my story out there. What a fantastic friend she is! As we started to chat this morning at Sherri’s Alfy’s, and by we I mean Sherri, my mother, Kristi and me, it was like we were the three amigos! I guess in our case it was the three amigas! We were laughing, crying and finishing each other’s sentences. We all have played a part in this complicated road and it was good to tell “our” story. Kristi was so kind and hung on our every word. I can’t wait for the article to come out. She said it would run on Monday so grab a copy!

I do have to chat up my husband a little. Kristi was taken back at how supportive Kirk has been these past five months. Every part of my story included my loyal husband at my side. Even when our “fairytale” marriage turned a little rocky he continued to be my knight in shining armor and saved the day. I told Kristi in an email that not only did I marry my best friend but I married my biggest fan and he cheers me on every day. I also had to apologize for gushing about my sweetheart so much and blamed it on the fact that our 3rd anniversary was only yesterday. Nevermind… I can’t stop gushing about him even when it is not around our anniversary so I guess the only thing to do is thank God for the man He gave me.

Read a recent article that was featured in the “Lake Steven’s Journal” and the “Granite Falls Press”. Thanks again to Sherri for getting them interested in Sarah’s Hope!

Love Always,

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Anonymous said...

I read your story today in the Everett Herald. I grew up in Lake Stevens and your story is very close to my heart. I added a link to my facebook page so all 400 of my friends is aware of your fundraiser at Alfys on wednesday. And we have added you to our pray chain for Lake side community church. God bless you. You are a brave girl!
~Amanda S