Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Day 156

A Successful Night:
What a fantastic night it turned out to be! Kirk and I would like to extend a great big “Thank You!!!” to everyone who turned out for the Alfy’s fundraiser night! At the Granite Falls location, business was non-stop and we can only hope it was the same at the other locations. Customers went far beyond the $5 donation from each pizza and bought ribbons, dropped donations in our jar and even handed Kirk and I donations directly. I loved meeting new people and seeing familiar faces as well. I was approached by many women who are cancer survivors and their victories spur on my will to fight. Thank you for all those who came out in support of Kirk and I. We appreciate all your kindness and love…it does make a world of difference!

Love Always,


Ardy said...

Hi Sarah, this is Ardy, we met last night at Alfy's. I was there for my granddaughter's B'day party. You have been in my heart and mind since meeting you. I spoke to you about my journey through breast cancer 3 years ago. I love your spirit and positive energy. Just never lose you sense of humor through this as it can get you through the roughest times. The love and support of your family is amazing! You can and will beat this ugly invader and be stronger for it! Fight like a GIRL!!! ;-) Love to you, Ardy

Anonymous said...

Hi Sarah,

I drive by Alfy's every day in my neighborhood, on 19th in Everett by Costco. I saw their sign on Tuesday and thought, "what does that mean". Yesterday morning I'm listening to my radio station, Spirit 105.3, and they highlighted your Alfy's fundraiser. After work I stopped in and bought a pizza.

One of my favorite verses, while I was going through my breast cancer journey, was and is I Peter 2:24. What a testament to our Lord being a healer.

I am a BRCA1 carrier, had a double mastectomy and oophorectomy in 2007, diagnosed at age 36 with Stage 3 IDC, consider myself a "young survivor". I am now almost 40, and thriving.

I was happy to help out and wish you many blessings in this obstacle that is part of your pre-destined plan.

God Bless You and Kirk!