Sunday, August 15, 2010

Day 153

My Silly Nephew!!!
Today, I got to hang out with Roman!!! If you’re not familiar with Ro-Ro (as we call him), I will give you the rundown. He is my very favorite nephew because he is my only nephew. Roman will be 1 year old this coming Saturday. I can’t believe it! We started our day outside playing in the sprinkler to take the edge off the heat. Next we rummaged through Grandpa Hawk’s garden hoping to find Ro-Ro’s favorite treat; Grandpa’s fresh garden strawberries. After our backyard adventure we hit the bathtub. By the end of all the splashing and bubbles I think Kirk ended up more wet than Roman! While I am writing this Roman is snuggled in my arms fighting hard his heavy eyelids. What a busy day we had! Kirk and I get Roman overnight tonight and I am watching him tomorrow while his mommy Bethany is at work. Stay tuned for more baby adventures tomorrow.

Love Always,
Sarah and Roman
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Tina said...

Hi Sarah,
I just read your story in the Herald and wanted to reach out with my prayers and love. I am a one year survivor, I was dx'd in Jan of 09. I was also treated at Providence, my Onc is Dr. Wendy Wang and I love love love her! I am praying for your mom also. I lost my mom and my grandmother to this thing (I call her skinny maria, ask me about her sometime), but God helped me do the heavy lifting through my treatment.
I am working with a group called the Young Survival Coalition that supports young women going through breast cancer and treatment. You can google them. Our Seattle chapter is small but growing (unfortunately) with many wonderful women there. I am their token geratric at 50. I have two small children 8 and 11 so I have to keep kicking. If you ever need to talk or vent please feel free to get in touch with me my number is 425-770-6662 and my email is
Many blessings to you and your mom. God is very powerful and never lets us go it alone.
With much love,
Tina Lissandrello