Friday, August 20, 2010

Day 158

Today we had an appointment at Seattle Cancer Care Alliance because they will be taking over my treatment from now on. We chose to do chemotherapy in Everett for the benefit of being close and I’m sure glad we did. The nurses that helped me with all my chemo were fantastic! At our appointment at SCCA we received lots of information about my upcoming surgery. We are now well versed in pre-surgery and post-surgery knowledge. After my breast surgeon and plastic surgeon merge their schedules they will call and set up my surgery date. We have been praying for wisdom for this appointment and God heard our cries. I am at peace with the road ahead of me because I know I am not alone.

Praise Report: While at SCCA today, they requested that I have an ultrasound of my right breast which is the side that I first felt the lump. The technician, surprised by finding nothing, called in another doctor to double check her work. He also found nothing! I am very happy to tell you that my breast surgeon said if my charts didn’t say which side the cancer was in, she would have no way of knowing because both breasts are in her opinion “normal”. Thank you Lord for helping my body respond so well to chemotherapy!

Thank you all for your continued prayer and support.

Love Always,

P.S. Some of you have asked if Kirk and I have found a place to retreat yet. The answer is no, we have not yet found a place to get away from our crazy life. My bones are aching for some R&R and some peace and quiet. God will provide! Please pray that a “haven” opens up for us.

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A Note From Kirk:
After our appointment at SCCA, I took Sarah out for an early dinner to celebrate a clean ultrasound! Sarah, feeling very cantankerous, said, "Life's too short to wait for dessert." Needless to say, we ordered our dessert first. I mean how could I say no especially to someone as cute as my Sarah. I hope this was a one time thing, but somehow I see this becoming a tradition. Mmmmmm...

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