Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Day 155

“Nordie’s at Noon” 
So I started reading a book that my Aunt gave me called “Nordie's at Noon”. I was bored this morning and it looked kind of intriguing so I pulled out the beach umbrella and an old blanket and hit the grass. I am loving this book! It is about four young women who co-write a tell all of their experiences with breast cancer. When I was given this book and read the back I thought “great another book about overcoming cancer”…”I’ll throw it on the shelf with the other cancer books.” However, I can’t put this book down. Every once in while I say out loud “wow, she gets it”. I am enjoying every page and falling in love with each woman’s heartbreaking story. One of the women was 24 when she was diagnosed and I know everything that she was feeling! I am walking in these women’s footprints. I stopped reading when Kirk came home but when he goes into another room I pick it up and speed read a page or two! Kirk has caught me a few times and I just gave in and started reading out loud to him. The chapter is “Chemotherapy: Bald is Beautiful”.

“On the plus side, no shaving for several months,” offered Jen. “And you save money on hair products, haircuts, and highlights.”

“And it sure shortens the getting-ready time in the morning,” added Jana, laughing. “Doesn’t take much time to pop on a hat or wig!”

These women are in my head reading my thoughts! Well not really since it was written more than a few years ago but still they sure know what they are talking about. I look forward to tomorrow’s reading time but this time I might want to put a little more sunscreen on my legs while I’m basking in the sun with my book.

Thanks everyone for your support. I just wanted to remind you of the fundraiser at all the Snohomish County Alfy’s tomorrow from 5-8. Kirk and I will be at the Granite Falls Alfy’s location so if you wanted to come say hello we will be happy to see you.
Love Always,

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