Sunday, August 22, 2010

Day 160

A note from Kirk: 
Yesterday was our nephew Roman’s 1st birthday. He is so big and we cannot believe he is already 1 year old. It was a fun-filled day done baby style. Sarah and Bethany made a custom baby birthday cake for Ro-Ro complete with Grandpa Jim’s home-grown carrots. What baby doesn’t love carrot cake? As he ate his cake, we watched him slowly enter a frosting-induced sugar coma. The gift table was totally over flowing; however I’m sure he liked our gift best (wink, wink). The party gave Sarah a chance to do something that she absolutely loves to do but was unable to do during chemo. She loves to be a hostess and to serve people. It is one of her God given gifts and she gets so much enjoyment out of making sure that all the preparing is done, that everyone has everything they need, and that the entire cleanup is handled so that no one is left with a huge mess. During chemo, she was mostly too physically weak to do this. Because this is one of her strengths, it was very hard to sit and watch others doing when she could not. On Saturday, Sarah started the day by putting on her mom’s apron and getting to work. Later, do you think we could get her to take that apron off? Not until the last guest left. In fact, She was such a busy bee that we didn't get any pictures of her with her apron. Not in a million years was she going to cut short her time of being a great servant to others. I have for some time really admired this trait in Sarah. In this day and age it is rare to find someone who gets so much satisfaction from helping other people before themselves. I am so glad that her strength to do so is returning.

To say that a day of being hostess didn’t take its toll would not be true. Sarah realized this morning that her body is still recovering from chemo and after a long day like Saturday still needs a bit of rest. Today, Sarah took time to just relax and replenish. She spent a better part of the day on the couch with her beautiful white comforter making baby hats for the newborns at the hospital and watching Audrey Hepburn movies. Wow! Even in her rest she is thinking of what she can do for others. I am so proud!

Thank you for praying for my wife! I can truly see the strength of all your support rising up within her!

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