Monday, October 4, 2010

Day 199

A note from Sarah:
So I am hurting. Hurting in a good way I guess. I had my first “fill” Friday morning down in Seattle and it was exciting yet painful. For those of you who missed what a “fill” is here is the scoop. I had expanders put in during surgery so we could expand my muscle and skin out to eventually put in permanent saline implants to replace the breast tissue that was taken in surgery. Isn’t modern medicine amazing? Friday morning we made the exhausting trek to Seattle through the never ending traffic for an appointment that only took about 10 minutes. Yeah it’s that fast! Prep the skin, needle prick, saline fluid, “How does that feel”, circle band aid, “See you next Friday”, appointment counter, and then the parking garage! I forgot how quick those appointments were. I went with my mom a handful of times when she was going through her expansion process but I guess it is a little different when you are in the hot seat. After I was done with my “fill” I started feeling tight across my chest and I took some muscle relaxers to calm the muscle spasms that can occur. About an hour later I took some pain medicine and Kirk put me to bed to sleep off my medicine hangover and to forget about extreme pressure on my chest. I woke up hours later to my cell phone ringing and I felt so much better! I was a little embarrassed at the doctor’s office, my skin is so dry that I look like I’m molting. Okay it’s not that bad but have you ever thought of filling your entire bathtub with lemon verbena lotion and locking the door for an hour? Oh…just me huh? Well I think I’m so dry because it is so hard to put lotion on due to these darn drains. I still have two but hopefully they will be gone by this week! Come to think of it the drains make everything difficult. Showering is such a hassle, so is sleeping and shaving. Somehow my prayers for my leg hair not to come back didn’t make it to heaven or God thought He couldn’t make it so obvious that I am His favorite!

Love Always,

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Heather Mayer said...

So glad to hear from you, I was wondering how you felt after the parade on Saturday..You Had to have been exhausted...Props to you for waving to the crowd and looking so fabulous while being in pain...Your one tough cookie :) Sounds like your Friday last week was a Trek...after reading that it made me realize even more how you must have felt Saturday!! I can see you still have your sense of Humor..I had to snicker when I read about your leg hair....My dad when he went through Chemo had a sense of humor too, I loved it. On Christmas eve last year our whole family went to Snoqualmie falls all 11 of us, and he was wearing a winter stocking hat. He said "I have a Christmas present for you all," He then took off his Mickey mouse stocking cap and said "TADA" He had officially shaved his, we were all a bit shocked..but he laughed and it made all of us smile! We knew the time would come for him to shave his head due to losing so much hair, but he had a way of surprising us all!! Take it easy Sarah and Im still praying that the healing is smooth and quick!! HUGS :)