Saturday, October 23, 2010

Day 211

At least it’s Friday...
This morning Kirk and I went to Seattle for an appointment with my plastic surgeon for a fill. I have been dreading fills because when I’m nauseous and throwing up my chest muscles get used violently and they don’t have a chance to totally recover before the next fill. When my doctor examined me he was very surprised at how well my reconstruction was going and was excited to hear that I was happy as well. We left with 60 more ccs of fluid, a couple of smiles and 3 more appointments. What’s next? Radiation would be the answer. I’m straining my eyes to see the end of the treatment road but it’s a little blurry. Yesterday I thought I struck gold with a diagnosis for my nausea and dizziness! Our family friend’s sister has had breast cancer as well and after chemotherapy her body refused to absorb liquids. She would have to go in to the hospital to get fluids every couple of days. Isn’t it scary what chemo can do to our bodies? I guess it is poison so what would we expect? I brought the diagnosis of the inability to absorb fluids up with my doctor and by golly my blood work and other tests don’t support my theory. How much more of this can I take? This unknown problem is driving me bonkers day and night. We didn’t find out what the underlying issue was today but I did get more fluids, nausea medication and a pain medication for my headache and chest pain. Every time I receive the “magic 3” I feel fantastic for at least 24 hours and today is no different. My body has been “reset” to normal but my mind is slowly fizzling out. I will be squeezing every last drop of happiness and fun out of this weekend! Who knows when I will feel great again at the start of a weekend.

Love Always,

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Heather Mayer said...

Amen Amen Amen! Hugs to you Sarah..I was just talking about you and your story today..Your touching so many lives..more than you know! God bless you!