Friday, October 8, 2010

Day 204

An update from Sarah:
I did not want to wake up this morning. Does anyone else ever feel that way? Of course we all do at some point. I was having a glorious time sleeping without those drains in and I never wanted to leave. Again God is so good for healing my body enough to free myself of those nasty things! He knew what I could take and He delivered me. When I got up this morning I had some low level nausea. However, I knew the enemy wanted me to be sick so I couldn’t spend time with God. I got ready anyways but always kept a bathroom in sight at all times just in case I felt worse. On Thursday mornings I am going to a new Bible study on Battlefield of the Mind by Joyce Meyer at Father’s House in Granite Falls. My mom and Sherri have done studies there and they invited me to this one. I am enjoying her book so much. I am learning a lot about myself and I just love getting closer to my Heavenly Father in the process! I do not walk after the flesh but after the Spirit! Positive minds produce positive lives! Expect miracles in your life! Okay did anyone else need to hear those quotes? I sure did. I underlined so much that you could barely read it after I was done. I love our group known as the “Pumpkin Ladies”. At first we were like oh man we are pumpkins? But we have come to love being Plump and Orange…just kidding but our group is super fun and I will enjoy the rest of this study, I just know I will.

After Bible study my mom drove me to her house and by golly that nausea crept right back up on me and pounced hard. I was on the phone to Seattle Cancer Care Alliance, UW Medicine, the oncall doctor of my primary doctor, the Cancer Partnership and no one could tell me what has been going on. It seems like every 3 to 5 days I have uncontrollable nausea and vomiting and this has been going on for weeks now. After spending countless hours on the phone with every doctor known to mankind, I broke down and asked my mom to take me in to the ER for fluids, anti-nausea meds and some pain killers because I just couldn’t keep anything down. I’m becoming a pro at check-in and I think they should have an express line like they do with airline counters! I’m just complaining now since there was only a five minute wait and I got into a private room with a wave of the nurse’s magic wand. I gave them everything I had to give…blood pressure, temp, blood, urine, and my story about what has been going on and the frustration it has caused because no one seems to be able to diagnose my ongoing problem…until now! I don’t want to put all my eggs in one basket but my ER Doctor said my blood levels showed that my pancreas is having issues. I was in the ER on the 27th and my enzyme levels were on the high side but tonight my levels had doubled since then and they believe everything I am feeling could be symptoms of pancreatitis. The mystery may have been solved and I am so thrilled! They offered to admit me because pancreatitis can change fast if not treated but I wanted to come home and treat it on my own…well Kirk is on board and he is fantastic with keeping me up to date on meds and monitoring my diet so I don’t slip up and fall back into the “nausea cycle”. My husband is amazing and I am so happy he is all mine! I have to go on the BRAT diet with low protein for about a week but I am craving everything I shouldn’t and can’t eat, especially mac and cheese! I am going to gain some serious weight when this BRAT diet week is over. Anyone want to join me for an ice cream, mac and cheese, and mashed potato party…bring your big forks! So long story short I have to be on bland food for a while to see if my pancreas will recover. I will keep you updated on this developing story; you know I will. This morning at Bible study Katie said a fun quote. It went like this, “Without tests in your life there would be no testimony.” So true Katie! Thanks for sharing that with our group.

Friday morning I have another fill at the UW. I am nervous and excited again so we will see what they end up doing because of all this sickness I have been dealing with. They will also check out my drain bandages too to see how those are healing.

Please pray that my fill goes well in the morning without complications. Also pray for my pancreas to heal and these waves of getting sick each week stops. In Jesus’ name I come against these afflictions so please pray with me that I will be healed.

I love you all and thank God for you.

Love Always,


Heather Mayer said...

Sarah, I am in awe at how you deal with life struggles and your attitude along the way is so admirable. I feel like every day whether its before I go to bed at night or before I get out of bed in the morning I like to see how you are doing on your blog. I know I probably repeat myself, but you are such a blessing to watch and hear how you deal with your journey.
I will most definitely pray that your nausea will go away and that everything will be healed.
Take care and God Bless you! HUGS

Anonymous said...

you have so many people in agreement with you. By Jesus stripes my dear you are healed.much love