Thursday, October 7, 2010

Day 203

An update from Sarah:
So long…farewell…auf Wiedersehen, good night! This was playing in my head while I was getting my drains out. Yes! They are finally out. Hallelujah I thought this day would never come! I had my surgery on September 13th and they have been my worst enemy…I guess since I woke up from anesthesia. I posted on Facebook this morning that I was having a bed day because we were desperately trying to record lower drainage numbers and not moving your arms helps but it can drive you crazy. I posted that I was “stuck in bed wanting nothing more than to go on vacation to Maui.” And that “Maybe I will put on a CD of wave music, crank up the heat and lay in bed with my swimsuit on.” Then we got the call. UW Medicine called and said they believed the numbers were low enough that we could give it a try and take them out. Both of them! Yahoo for me! I jumped out of bed, and got ready so fast there were flames! I have been so miserable and the time had come! We didn’t wait long before getting called back to the exam room and they didn’t even offer me a gown becuase it was going to be so quick and easy. All she did was cut a stitch and they were out. Freedom at last! I am writing this right before I go to sleep and I am so excited about sleeping without those painful drains.

Thank you all for praying for patience and comfort while I had my drains in. I am so grateful to have prayer showered on me daily by you. Kirk and I feel so loved and we thank God for you.

Love Always,

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Heather Mayer said...

YAY...Im so happy for you...I cant imagine how uncomfortable you must have been. I hope you have a good sleep tonight and peaceful dreams. Your in my thoughts and prayers throughout my day! Nighty night girl! :) See you soon!