Tuesday, October 26, 2010

An Interview

What is your and Kirk's "song"?
Sarah: “our” song is…
Kirk (interjects) : Oddly enough, it’s called The Break-up Song’
Sarah: No.
Kirk: I guess “our” song is ‘The Very Thought of You’.
Sarah: You guess?
Sarah: What’s our “Fun Song”
Kirk: It’s called ‘The Break-up song’ by The Greg Kihn Band
Kirk: But my favorite song is: ‘I Still haven’t found what I’m looking for’
Sarah (interjects): I’m right here babe.
Ellice (moderator): Okay, moving on…

If you could have any superhero power, what would it be?
Sarah: Mmmm (with a smile…a GRIN actually)
Sarah: I’m thinking about all the possibilities.
Sarah: I could read people’s mind and win every rock, paper, scissor contest for the rest of my life.
Kirk:  Invisibility.
Sarah: Invisibility?! Your clothes aren’t invisible so you’d have to walk around naked. In your parents house, are you comfortable with that?
Sarah: Okay, I change my answer. I want to fly…to get away from ‘Naked Man’.

What is your favorite sitcom?
Kirk: Well…
Mom Lien interjects(singing): ‘Friends are friends forever…’
Sarah: My all time is ‘Friends'.
Kirk: Seinfeld. It’s the most watched sitcom of all time.
Sarah (interjecting): I knew Ross & Rachel were going to be together forever.  Kirk, are you my Ross & am I your Rachel?
Kirk: Sarah, don’t compare our lives to a sitcom.

Sarah and Kirk: you are playing the lead role in a movie and the director asks you what the title should be. What would it be?
Kirk: What would you say, Sarah?
 - pause - 
Kirk: All right, my movie would be called ‘Stranger Things Have Happened’…because I’ve been saying that a lot.
Sarah: My mind is going to like ‘When Harry Met Sarah’.
Kirk: You’re using regurgitated movie titles.
Sarah: Instead of ‘Serendipity’, ‘Sarahdipity’.
Sarah: Okay…the movie would be: ‘The Autobiography of Sarah’. I would be playing myself, in a movie, in real life.  The Cast: ‘Sarah Lien – as herself’. What! (in response to Kirk’s funny look) My life could be a movie.

What is Sarah’s favorite restaurant?
Kirk: I don’t know.
Sarah: I like different restaurants for different foods. For bruchetta, it’s Taphouse Grill, and for salad it’s Conto’s, and for dessert The Cheesecake Factory.

What is Kirk’s favorite car?
Kirk: Porshe 911.
Sarah: Can that fit a carseat?
Kirk: Yeah, in the front seat…or the trunk.
Sarah: Kirk!!!

What have you been doing to have fun or keep your time occupied since the surgery?
Sarah: Umm…
Kirk interjects (in a funny little voice): The emergency room is a lot fun.
Sarah: Other than making friends in the E.R., I have been running out of yarn and being totally captivated by ‘Swamp People’ – the TV serious.
Kirk: They hunt alligators.

Do you have boy & girl names picked out for your first child?
Kirk: James Edward Alton
Sarah: Jillian
Kirk: And she’s going to call her ‘Little Jilly Bean’.
Sarah: Jillian Sarah Jane.
Sarah: I hope my first two are twins. (To Kirk) But then you couldn’t get your sports car.

Sarah: if you could be a male for one day, what professional sport would you like to play?
Sarah: Like you have to be a male to play a professional sport. Oh really, women can’t do that, huh?
Sarah: Chris (Author of the question), in your world, do women still have the right to vote?
Ellice: So, you’re not going to answer the question, are you.
Sarah: No, no.
Sarah: In case you haven’t noticed, women play all sports.

Kirk: what is your most memorable vacation and why?
Kirk: My most memorable vacation was my two week honeymoon in Hawaii.
Sarah: Ahhh. Now you don’t have to sleep on the couch tonight.
Kirk: The thing is, I wouldn’t really know the difference…I fall asleep in two seconds.
Sarah: What if someone kidnapped me in the middle of the night?!
Kirk: I wouldn’t know.

Closing thoughts:
Sarah (in a patrician tone): ‘These are the days of our lives…’
Kirk: Peace, y’all.

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Heather Mayer said...

This was soooo funny...lol, LOVE IT!!!