Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Day 206

An update from Sarah:
Does everyone have those days were you just can’t pull yourself out of bed? That was me this morning. I don’t know what happened. I had a wonderful weekend and now I am just a bump on a log without the desire to take a step out of the bedroom. It seems like most days I download every stressful thing to you. It sure helps me to not hold it all in but I hope you don’t get bogged down with my day to day. I literally stayed in bed for most of the day. Now that I’ve found the Lifetime movie channel, Animal Planet and of course HGTV whole day marathons I will never be the same. Now I know how to be a single mother on the lamb “only if necessary…of course”, wrestle an alligator out of the water for gumbo, while hanging sheer linen drapes that cascade down to the floor. T.V. is making me one of those “accomplished” women who pick up a little something from here and there and who knows when alligator wranglin’ might need to pay our car payment…so I consider myself grateful that I am a fast learner! By the way I’m going to start trying those wranglin’ moves on Kirk so keep it a secret so I’ll have the element of surprise!

After Kirk got home we decided to go get some dinner so I jumped into the shower that is now taking longer because I have to wash and condition my hair. I also have to shave my legs. This job is turning into more than I can handle right now. My arms get so tired and I still have mobility problems so shaving my legs can get tricky…I was flexible before and still missed the hard to reach areas so you can imagine my the difficulty I am having. I am supposed to ask for help but does that cross the line? “Excuse me church secretary….yes, I need to put together a sign-up sheet at the visitor center for help shaving my legs every couple days…do you need to check with pastor about this or are we good?” I’m considering bathing in Nair because this post chemo hair is coming in so thick I may be related to Big Foot. I’m sure Kirk would appreciate my attention to detail in the prickly leg department so I am trying. In the bathroom today I got one leg done so beautifully I was shocked with the attention to detail…the problem is I spent all my energy on only one leg and had no energy left for the second. Sitting out on the couch with Kirk in PJ Capri pants looks like it may have been a bad idea. He isn’t sharing the blanket with me… does that tell you anything?

Hopefully tomorrow I will have the energy to shave my other leg and do some more of my Bible study homework for Thursday. Friday is another fill and we will see how that turns out. I’m still having pain from the last fill but boy am I happy with how I am starting to look and feel. Fortunately my self confidence is on the rise but that could just be my cup size? Just kidding Girls and Guys! I would cry if I didn’t laugh so you are my audience. (Hey Kirk…do you think my followers are going to get scared off by that last comment? Hope not!)

Thanks for tuning in to hear me chat about my journey with breast cancer. God allowed me to take on this challenge because I was and am strong enough to take it on and WIN. My Heavenly Father loves me and trusts me to let His light shine through me in this trial and my main goal is to make Him proud of me.

Love you all. Thanks for all the comments that pick me up during the day. You all are amazing to read, pray, write, send flowers, cook and my favorite, be there for hugs. God blessed me with a very special family and friend support group that I could never do without. You Rock my readers! Lots of love to you.

Love Always,


Amy said...

Don't worry too much about having a lazy day. I think everyone needs one once in a while, and in your case it's definitely understandable! *hugs!*

Chellie Dee said...

I do have that feeling sometimes... The bed is comfortable and I can hide myself away there. I do realize that this is not good for me though. Honestly of late dreading work or whatever hasn't been a problem though. I think about you and take that as my inspiration. I do think that you can take a lazy day though... Just remember that God is holding you when you have those days and he will support you in ways that all of us humans can't!

Heather Mayer said...

Sarah your sense of humor cracks me up...have you ever thought about writing a book?? LOL I have plenty of days that I dont feel like getting out of bed, But if I lay in bed to long my back starts to, that is out of the question :) Your still in my thoughts and prayers and glad to hear that your hair is coming back in..Im sure that feels wonderful! HUGS TO YOU GIRL!!! :)