Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Day 202: A few moments later...

Kirk and I ended up in the E.R. again, but this time it wasn’t for me. Our sister, Ellice had to go to the hospital for some breathing problems. I know how difficult it is to bring yourself to say “yes. I do need to go into the E.R.” and how stressful it can be so Kirk and I wanted to support our sister to the fullest and be there every step of the way. Kirk loves Ellice so much that I don’t think anyone could have talked him out of being the one to drive her to the emergency room. Mom Lien and I weren’t far behind praying and rebuking the enemy for once again attacking our family. There was absolutely no wait after checking in at the E.R. desk…thank you Jesus…and we were in a private room within minutes! The doctors were quick to figure out how to soothe her excessive cough and settle her inconsistent breathing. After a couple hours things evened out and Ellice was ready to go home with a bronchitis diagnosis, a handful of meds, an exhausted chest and a sticker that called her a Super Star! Which to all of you who haven’t met my other sister please know the Super Star sticker doesn’t even tell you the half of it! We finally got her home and her breathing was giving her a break. Kirk and I gave great big hugs and kisses and headed back to our house in Snohomish.

"Please Lord protect my sister tonight. Guard her with your angels and send her your ultimate comfort and peace as she sleeps tonight."

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Heather Mayer said...

Your Sister and family are in my prayers. I am almost done editing the parade photos and then they will all be up on the Chamber of Commerce website. Talk to you soon Sarah, God Bless you! :)