Monday, October 11, 2010

Day 205

A Note from Sarah:
I have had a fantastic weekend! It started a little shaky with being sick on Thursday but Friday I felt so much better after my E.R. visit. I should get a punch card for the E.R., “get your 10th visit free!” I think I’m getting close! I haven’t been nauseated since Thursday and let’s pray that the “nausea cycle” doesn’t start back up in a couple days. On Friday, I went to my primary doctor and he looked over all the tests and diagnosis paperwork from the E.R. and guess what…we are now back to having the mysterious nausea cycle undiagnosed! My doctor doesn’t think my pancreas is the problem unless I am an avid drinker and illegal drug user. Which I don’t think I am but I am on so many medications that who really knows what I do in my sleep. I am now on a couple new drugs to try (the legal kind) and we are going to see what happens this next week. So far my body has been able to handle the drugs that are normally very hard on the stomach so thank you Jesus for the extra strength that I need.

I also had a fill done on Friday morning that went well. My aunt Lynda took me to Seattle and we had a great time chatting the whole way there and back. The UW medical team took off my drain dressings and said everything was healing up wonderfully and I am so happy that my side pain has vanished since the drains came out! I had a little more saline injected than my first fill so my chest is a bit tighter than I was expecting but my results are making the doctors very happy. I am pretty happy about the results as well.

Okay back to my fantastic weekend! Family came in from out of town and we all had a blast. My parents had friends and family over on Friday night and the house was packed. It was so good to see everyone and give lots of “gentle” hugs. I tried my hardest to obey the doctor’s orders not to lift more than gallon of milk but I became an outlaw all weekend! I couldn’t help but sweep my nephew Roman up in my arms after I had chased him across the living room. And when a royal princess named Elizabeth (my niece) asks to twirl with you like a ballerina you can’t say no. Elizabeth is going to be three in December and boy does she have an imagination! We played hide and seek, tag, mamma bird and baby bird and we played with Roman’s train. My favorite game was “Princess and Dragon”. Elizabeth got a princess dress from Nanna Barb complete with shoes, jewels, gloves and a purse so you can guess who ended up being the dragon…who knows maybe I didn’t moisturize enough that day? Anyways Elizabeth and Roman would come near my “cave” and yell “Wake Up Dragon!” and I would open my eyes, roar with all my might and flap my dragon wings (bright pink tissue paper in each hand) and chase them all around the house. Their only safety was jumping into the arms of their parents, the Kings and Queens, and the angry dragon would fly back to her cave. I had so much fun being the fun playful auntie. I may have over done it a bit over the weekend but when I look back at this visit I will say I didn’t let cancer hold me back from making unforgettable memories with my niece and nephew that I will cherish forever. At the end of the night when we were saying our final good-byes to Joe, Susan and Elizabeth I was already getting excited to see their faces again. How much bigger will Elizabeth be? What new things will she know? I am such a sucker for kids and I do have my favorites and sweet Elizabeth you are sitting high on my list! Joe, Susan and Elizabeth, I love you all and can’t wait to see you soon!

Sunday Kirk and I had a down day. We were both exhausted from the busy weekend. Kirk had to recharge his batteries for the week of work coming up and I had to rest from playing pretend and having way too much fun. I couldn’t help but picture Kirk and I with 4 babies of our own running around playing pretend in costumes. I want to be a mother so badly but I have to have patience. God’s timing is the best and I have learned that God wants nothing but good for me so the best is yet to come!

Thanks everyone for keeping up with Kirk and me on our journey we call life. It has already turned out to be one full of “surprises” around every turn but with God and your support I know we can make it.

Love Always,

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