Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Day 200

An Exciting Note from Sarah:
On Saturday I was in a parade! I have shared with some of you that being in a parade was on my “list” and I finally got the opportunity to do it! Sherri offered me a place in the Granite Falls Railroad Days Parade and Kirk and I jumped at the chance. Her Alfy’s location was featured and she wanted to give me the opportunity to ride in style with the Alfy’s entourage. We started thinking of how Sarah’s Hope could be featured and I immediately thought of dressing up in a pink dress, wearing a crown and riding in one of my favorite cars! Duh…a red mustang convertible. I think I’m starting to have an obsession with them. Luckily I know a man that loves me like a daughter and has a fabulous red mustang convertible! Our family friend Randy Wolf let me enter his mustang in the parade as the official car of Sarah’s Hope! Thanks Randy! Randy’s daughter, Jen, and Jen’s husband, Chris, were my drivers and the candy throwers. If you got nailed by a sucker sorry about that! Thanks Jen and Chris. You two are awesome and I know deep down inside you were just waiting for the chance to be in a parade! The Alfy’s entourage…and by entourage I mean I’m pretty sure we had the largest group there, started out with a soccer team that Granite Falls Alfy’s sponsors, followed by the Sarah’s Hope Breast Cancer Princess mustang, then came the dancing pizza slices (more about them later). The slices were followed by Sherri, Austin,Becca and Rob who are getting pretty good at throwing Alfy’s merchandise at crowds without injuring them. And last but definitely not least came the Alfy’s bus who was driven by Bob Jones and my Kirk Lien was there right beside him in case things got dicey. Bob and Kirk bonded in that 40 minutes and now we are all jealous of what they have. Now back to those pizza slices also known as Momma and Papa Hawk! Man if we had video of their “street moves” we would win the $100,000 prize money from America’s Funniest Videos. My parents can really shake it and they know the moves that bring men, women and children to tears. I am so proud of them I can barely stand it…and guess what else? My mom had a cold and she brought the heat like no other pizza slice I have ever seen! Let’s all give a “Whoop Whoop” for my favorite pizza slice parents. I love you guys and maybe you can teach me some of your moves? I don’t think Sherri has to worry about who is going to be the pizza slices for next year. My parents have done it two years in a row so far and I think their Alfy’s parade streak has just begun. Maybe Kirk and I should come up with more costumes and join my parents but we would first have to learn the sacred moves of the pros.

Thank you all who came out to the Granite Falls Railroad Days and cheered the Alfy’s crew on! I am so grateful to everyone at Alfy’s for their never ending help and love. Thanks Bob, Sherri, Becca, Austin, Rob and the rest of the Alfy’s family! Also I want to thank Heather Mayer for taking pictures of the event. I gave her such short notice but Heather really is wonderful and she came out ready to go. All of her pictures are fantastic and I am so happy she is my friend. Thanks Heather for all you do for Kirk and me.

I hope the Railroad Days crowd won’t soon forget us because I won’t ever forget the moments when I saw all the little girls looking up at me and sheepishly waving at a woman who is fighting for her life wearing a tiara and a pink dress. To those girls I was a princess. Thank you everyone for making me feel beautiful and loved just like a princess.

By the way my followers are just about to 90! How amazing is that! Once the goal of 90 is hit the next is 100! Can you believe how close we are to breaking 100 followers? It’s all because of you! Thank you!

Love Always,

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Heather Mayer said...

So happy Sarah that I could be a part of your dream and see it happen right before my eyes. You looked like a princess up there on that car and you had 100's of people cheering you on....It was great that I had a birds eye view of everything...but the crowd was definitely cheering and smiling as you drove by! Thanks again for asking me to be a part of your journey. You mean so much to me, and I hope we only get closer! Take care of you girl! :)